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[Greek Myths] Hades/Persephone // Never Let Me Go

И обнаружился еще один чудный клип от автора предыдущего. Роль божества подземного царства Аида - венец карьеры для сэра Гая, однозначно)))

Автор, кстати, там целую историю написал, интересующиеся могут посмотреть

[почитать текст] I recently took an interest in Greek Mythology and thought the story of Hades and Persephone was interesting. I like the idea that despite Hades being God of the Underworld, there's more to him.

Story: Hades is not well liked. But he takes a shine to Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Zeus is also Hades' big brother and agrees to let him have Persephone as his bride, unknown to Persephone herself, or her mother.

Hades takes Persephone to the Underworld where he keeps her locked up at first before showing her more kindness. Over time, they get to know each other and Persephone grows to love Hades in return.

Meanwhile, Demeter goes to Zeus to ask for help in finding her daughter, but he proves useless. Demeter eventually learns the truth and then gets Peirithous to get her daughter back. He succeeds, but Persephone is not happy about it; but has no choice but to return to her controlling mother. She then confesses to Aphrodite that she loves Hades and wants to go back. As the Goddess of love, Aphrodite decides she must help unite Persephone with her lover and goes to Hades, and shares the secret of a certain fruit which binds two souls together forever.

Once they are bound to the other, an agreement is made that Persephone spend one half of the year with her mother, and the other half with her husband. This angers Demeter who eventually finds a way to control Persephone, erasing her memories of Hades.

Hades eventually finds Persephone and tries to find a way of making her remember who he is. She does her research and eventually comes to the truth herself, choosing to flee her mother for good.

Persephone - Sarah Bolger
Hades - Richard Armitage
Zeus - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Demeter - Joely Richardson
Aphrodite - Holliday Grainger

Music: Florence and the Machine - Never Let Me Go.

Tags: Армитидж, клипы, кроссовер, мои герои :*)
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